Prince Planet is about a boy sent from the planet Radion to help fight the corruption here on Earth. Prince Planet, known as Bobby on Earth, has a pendant which transforms him by the energy within the pendant. With the help of his three friends, Diana Worthy, Dan Dynamo the Wrestler and Aji baba the Magician, together they stand strong to fight evil whichever comes their way. 

The Disc contains 4 of the best Prince Planet episodes.

Gollen, The Formidable Foe - (1st episode of Krag) -  Krag of Kragmire goes to earth to find and destroy Prince Planet
The Robot Prince - A Prince is looking for a Princess so he hires Krag to capture Diana and bring him to his home planet in hopes that Prince Planet will follow to battle him for himself. 
Aji baba's Grandchildren (Warlock's last Battle) - Aji baba Grandchildren come to visit, but  find out Warlock (The Sorcerer from Mars) is not far behind. Aji baba and Prince Planet both battle Warlock and destroy him once and for all.
The Star at Home (The End of Krag) This is the final episode of the series in which Krag discovers the location of the planet Radion and the source of Prince Planet's energy. With the help of Zaroona (female from Kragmire) he flies to Radion and sabotages the energy transmitter and drains Prince Planet's energy. Krag takes him to his planet of Kragmire to destroy him, but the Radion scientists fix the energy transmitter in time for Prince Planet to destroy Krag and Zaroona. Since Prince Planet's work is done he is summoned back to his home planet of Radion.