Chuck and Nancy are American teenagers living in Maine . Investigating a cave on the coast, they come across a chest containing two halves of a magical ring. Putting the parts back together they can read a word engraved on it: Shazzan. Saying this word, the two find themselves transported through time and space to ancient Arabia , where they encounter the genie Shazzan, whose name they have invoked. He explains that he will come to serve them whenever he is invoked, but that he cannot return them home until his ring is given back to its rightful owner. To aid them on this quest he gives them a magical flying camel called Kaboobie, as well as giving Chuck a magic rope and a cloak of invisibility.

This set includes all 36 episodes of this 1967-68 classic cartoon. Included in this set are the opening and closing themes and a very cool bumper. Plus, as an added bonus, the rare B/W opening theme that hasn't been seen in nearly 30 years.