Space Ghost is about an Intergalactic Superhero who polices the Galaxy using his Power Bands with the help of his three companions, Jan,Jace and their monkey Blip. Together they fight the Evil Doers who want to control the Galaxy. Famous announcer Gary Owens voices Space Ghost. Tim Mathieson from (National Lampoons Animal House) voices Jace and also did the voice of Jonny Quest & Young Samson.

This 2 DVD set includes all 42 episodes plus the rare 6-Part episodes (featuring Metallus, SpiderWoman, Creature King, Brak, Zorak, and Moltar "aka The Counsel of Doom") from the original 1966-1967 series. This set also includes the opening and closing themes plus the two "Rare" bumpers (Space Ghost saving Ugh & Dinoboy on a cliff and Jan & Jace being chased by a Spaceship and Spaceghost coming to their rescue)