In the future, sinister aliens and giant prehistoric monsters threaten civilization! The only one equipped to handle these disasters is the Science Patrol, a special police force with high-tech weapons and vehicles at their disposal. Led by Captain Mura , (Leader of the Science Patrol) Arashi ( The weapon's expert) Ito, (The science expert and inventor of the group) Fuji (The female communications expert) Hoshino ( Fuji's friend who always manages to get in trouble) Hayata,  (Alter-ego Ultraman). The Science Patrol protects the Earth from the ravaging monsters and aliens. But when the situation becomes desperate, Hayata, one of the Patrol's members holds the key to our salvation and raises his Beta-Capsule transforms into an amazing, super powered giant from space. A being known as Ultraman!

This 4 volume set includes all 39 episodes of the original 1966-67 classic live action show.