Here are some emails we have received from some of our regular customers

Brendon E. from San Diego, CA writes:
  I just wanted to let you know that the dvd’s for Batman and Fan-4 arrived yesterday.  I got to watch the first two of Batman and the first episode of Fan-4.  I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with your product.  To have a private business that can first acquire all the episodes, put them out for sale with the quality you guys do is truly exciting.  I know you understand that to want to have those cartoons to watch, that you remember as a little kid but being unable to get them commercially is frustrating.  You and your staff there at RetroSuperheroes are to be commended.  I couldn’t be happier with every purchase I’ve received from you.  You are always on time and I know that before I even open the box, that what I’ll find inside will be exceptional.
   More orders coming soon as you know...when the money is available.  

Thanks,  Brendon 

Hi, thank-you for the discount.  It’s a welcome surprise.  I’m very satisfied with your product.  The high quality of the entire package is very impressive.  The case cover art, dvd labels, menu designs and probably most important is the quality of the cartoon of itself (ie-clarity, sound, color etc...).  There will be more orders in the future as I have the funds. 

Thanks, Brendon

lajon W.  from Fairfield, CA writes:
 I want to thank you for the opportunity to do business with you. I am elated as I am watching these cartoons again after some thirty years. I’m 43 now. Thanks for putting the opening of the Moby Dick/Mightor Cartoons on the Mightor DVD. That was a very pleasant surprise. The work that you put into these DVDs is by far the very best. I absolutely love the navigation. I want to thank you for corresponding with me while working on my order as well. You were extremely professional and courteous. I will be buying more DVDs from you in the future and I am recommending everyone I know to take a look at your website and place orders as well.

Lajon W.

Mike R. from Evergreen, CO writes:
You guys have really put some time and effort into your business and I’m sure have invested plenty of time and money into equipment.  Don’t sell yourselves short on the product you are selling though, if only because of the fact that you and your partner are actually doing the legwork of putting together the media and printing the cases and so forth.  They are just as professional looking as anything you’d buy in a store (likely more so) . That is ultimately the determining factor as to whether or not your customers value their purchase!    

Thanks again,  
Mike R

Ron L. from Bronx, NY write:
I did not know you had or will have a website.  It would be my pleasure to offer positive comments about your product.  I stand by my previous statements - you're work is terrific and it shows that it is made by a fan for the fans.  Just provide me the details when your site is up.

Very cool site.  I really like the collage of characters. The comment is fine - but in retrospect, I should have commented on the high quality of your sets.  Nevertheless, anyone who purchases your sets will know the discs speak for themselves.  I'll be
 looking forward to the JQ set and I see that you have Filmation Superman & Superboy sets available.  Are these completed?  As I would like to get them as well.  Best of luck with the progress on the site.

You guys are Great!! The DVD's make a fine addition to my Hanna-Barbara Library 

Ron L

Tim from Los Angeles, CA writes:
"The absolute best source for classic cartoons on the internet or anywhere!! I have shopped many sources, both online and at numerous conventions, and I can honestly say that is the place to get your classic cartoon fix.
Great product, amazing quality, and the best customer service I have ever experienced online!!"

Tim, Los Angeles, CA