"Uh Oh, Chongo"

This Two DVD set includes all 36 episodes of this 1968/69 classic show which includes the extended opening theme.

This Live-Action Series was part of the Banana-Splits hour and consisted of 36 short segment shows. The stories develop around Professor Hayden, his daughter Leslie, and his young assistant Link. They are searching for the lost ancient city of Tobanya, as well as for the professor's missing brother. They search uncharted islands of the South Pacific when they are attacked by pirates (Mu-Tan) seeking lost treasure. The pirates destroy their boat, marooning our heroes on the island, but not ending their search. They are soon joined by newfound friends Morgan and Chongo, two merchant marines who had been marooned themselves years before. Along the way, our heroes must not only fend off the pirates, who are after the rumored treasure of the lost city, but also outwit native island headhunters.