This 1964 Sci-Fi Classic Movie is Presented in Widescreen and Special Priced at $15

Prepared to orbit and return to Earth, Mars Gravity Probe One nears Mars and is forced to change course to avoid a massive meteor. Because of the pull of gravity, the ship crash lands on Mars. This causes a fuel explosion and the ship to be destroyed, forcing the crew to bail out. Naval Commander Kit Draper (Paul Mantee) and the head of the mission, Colonel Dan MacReady (Adam West), and Mona, the monkey used for experiments, all evacuate to Mars in separate escape pods.
MacReady ends up missing in the crash, but Draper and Mona survive. The trick now is to find oxygen, food, water, and shelter on Mars in order to further survive. Draper manages to do that, but after four months the isolation is driving him crazy. But he gets an alien visitor, someone he will call Friday (Vic Lundin), when an interplanetary vehicle from another planet on a mining expedition lands and a slave escapes. The slave ends up staying in Draper's cave, where he is taught English. In due time they develop a relationship, as they both hide from the enemy interplanetary ship that is set to return for the slave. He wears a bracelet on each wrist that must be removed, since that acts as a signal to his exact location. He also gives Draper pills that produce oxygen when swallowed.